About us

Xaxov is a social network that provides many different ways for people to stay connects and communicates with families and friends. This is another way that can help you find new friends and stay connects with each other from around the world. This will also help everyone to update one another with issues and topics by joining us today at this website.

What is Xaxov goal?

Xaxov goal is to gather all the people around the world to come together and share their idea to other people around the world. In order for us to reach this goal we will need the help of our members to bring their families and friends to Xaxov.

What can people do in Xaxov?

1) People can share what are their community looks like, what is the most interesting thing in the community that people need to know or see.

2) New things that happen in their community.

3) Share photo and video to other people around the world to see.

4) People can post questions that ask about something that they want to know.

5) Help answer other people questions.

Why People should join Xaxov?

1) Xaxov is a great place to stay connects with your families and friends.

2) Great places to find new friends that can keep you entertain.

3) Share photos or videos that you love to other people to enjoy.

4) Share your idea to other people.

5) Get help from other people.